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Posted by VidhyaDhar (User-friendly SAP FI Consultant)
on Jul 5 at 12:49 PM
I suppose that making use of residual payment is a better option in your case. This clears up all invoices whereas creates residual new line items for the net receivables pending.

While the lengthy ( too lengthy !?) solution previously offered by me and the solution offered by Rocco ( using installment payment terms by splitting up a single invoice into multi-line items) may be technically workable solutions, I do not personally consider them to be prudent ones since these solutions may keep on increasing your payment terms for ever on a case to case basis. Even my earlier solution has the same pitfall where data entry becomes very cumbersome on a case to case basis. I personally feel that payment using the residual option seems to be a lesser evil.



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Subject: Customer Invoice Partial Payment

I understand that when applying a partial payment to a customer invoice (partial payment, not residual payment) I will maintain 2 records in BSID, and also see the 2 items on the customer balance.


Invoice 1000
Payment 800

What I am trying to understand is if SAP is able to maintain what items from that customer invoice the payment is applied to (using some sort of logic that would be configured somewhere)

Back to our example:

My invoice of $ 1000 is broken down like this among 3 line items:
Item Value
10 $ 500
20 $ 300
30 $ 200

For our example, the $800 payment was for items 10 and 20 off of the original invoice. Is there a way for me to report this in a way that I see item 30 open, with a balance of $200 ?


Thanks in advance!

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