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on Jul 6 at 4:22 AM
EBELP is impossible as there is only one vendor line.

You need to regenerate the structure too.

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Subject: FBL1N and Purchasing Document Number - Item

Hi, my customer want to see the following field ( ebeln and ebelp) in layout of trx FBl1N Vendor line item display.
Exaclty i take them with Special fields but in the output the fields are no empty.
I can see them with the value just to see the display document with all line items/positions.
I d like to know if is possible to see the ebeln and ebelp just in first output of FBL1N without to see the all display document.
I know for the output list of FBL1N there is just one row/ line for document's vendor. we talking about Invoice Vendor borning in MM Module.
In Sap note talking about the BTE, for example BTE 1650. Is possible to do it?

Can you help me?

thank you

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