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Posted by HELLOSAP
on Jul 4 at 8:52 AM
Dear Kiran

if u r creating the DME file using DMEE i.e. data medium exchange configuration than there is a function module FI_PAYMEDIUM_SAMPLE_20 is available. Copy the function module and do abap code whatever u want and configure the same into OBPM3.

I did it successfully.

Thanks & Regards

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From: KK
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Subject: SAP Data Medium Exchange

Hi All,
I have started configuration of Data Medium Exchange in SAP.
My client wanted to send SGD and JPY payments via a funds transfer. The problem is in the payment file format if the payments are SGD then payment file should start with DFT and if payment are JPY then payment file should start with EFT. How can i maintain the above settings in one DME.
Please advise

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