RE:[sap-acct] Unable to mark and release price

Posted by annette_marshall
on Aug 1 at 12:11 AM
Can you supply more information, ie did you try and mark and release in August or in July? What were you From dates for the cost estimate?

I would expect that if your cost estimate was created from July and you tried to mark and release in August this would create a timing error.


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From: Vaani
Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2011 11:37 PM
Subject: Unable to mark and release price


My user had done estimation on 31.7.2011 & try to mark & release price via CK24 but system say it is too late.

The system last day of the period is 31.7.2011.

We tried late price change but it still update the standard price & not planned price.

Please advice.

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