RE:[sap-acct] VAT Payment to VAT Authority in Azerbaijan on Payment run

Posted by miyanita
on Jul 20 at 11:29 AM
HI LiSa LIm,

Thanks for the note.

The double entries for my requirement is exactly the same as your note above, but still not able to work out how we can split Invoice amount (110) into Vendor (100) and Custom (10).

Would you advise me on how you managed to meet this requirement in Indonasia?

Kind regards

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From: miyanita
Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 6:16 PM
Subject: VAT Payment to VAT Authority in Azerbaijan on Payment run

Hi SAPer friends,

I have gather a VAT requirement that in Azerbaijan that at the time of payment run to external vendors for invoice settlement, the company is also obliged to pay VAT portion to the authority.

The VAT portion amount should relate to the Payment amount to the external vendors. I was thinking of exploring the possibility of using BTE to create a payment request.

would any of you have any suggestion/inputs/advice on the solution to this issue?

Thanks in advance

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