[sap-acct] Forex Translation FASB52

Posted by karunakar B (Software Engineer)
on Jul 21 at 11:34 AM
Needs your expert advice on Forex translation FASB 52,
my Business requirement is that any translation difference arising from local currency to group currency should be added to Reserves ( to the GL accounts maintained in KDF OBA1 -Translations)
i have activated Post translation check in customizing and have tried executing F.05 transaction
first i have valuated Open item of the GL accounts with valuation currency type as 10 and with M rate . i see no issues till here.
but when i then again executed the GL balances FASB 52 Tab
there are 2 steps on that tab 1. Translation valuation differences -by using R -(exchange rate translation ) 2nd. Use for translations - i have also selected this option as i want to post the translation difference to GL accounts maintained in OBA1 -Translation settings and don't want to reverse the translations as the difference in the translation value should add to the Reverse accounts maintained in OBA1-translation settings.

But when i execute it is test mode the GL accounts are picking from OBA1 -valuation accounts set and not from Translations set and more over even though i did not select -Post reversal option for FASB 52 run - system is still showing the reversal entry in test mode.

Can you please advice if my doing it anything wrong or is there is any config. missing

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