[sap-acct] Lengthening the number of digits in a check number

Posted by gourj1 (SAP Business Analyst)
on Jul 13 at 3:54 PM
We need to lengthen the number of digits in our check numbers. We currently issue a 5 digit check # and need to start issuing with 6 digits. We are in ECC6.0 EHP4.0.

I have tried two approaches – firstly I created a new check lot with 6 digits and received error message FIBL664 "check the format of the check numbers". I was able to change the error to a warning and save the new check lot. Using F110 I created a payment run and am able to generate one check. When I perform another payment run in F110 for more than one check, the open payables are cleared but the cheques do not print. Essentially I can only generate one check from this new lot. I have tested this with the payment method defined and not defined on the check lot. Same results either way.

Second approach in a different sandbox was to run program RFCHKR00 which extends the length of your check number. The program ran successfully – the check lot was changed in FCHI from 5 digits to 6, and all previously issued checks were adjusted to 6 digits. Using F110 I created a payment run and within the payment log I find these two messages:

- FS550 - Check number status at beginning of processing: 019100. The message contains the next available check number.

- F0073 – "Program RFFOUS_C: No Records selected. " Yet the open payable has been cleared and once again no check is printed.

How can I go about lengthening my check numbers successfully?


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