[sap-acct] SD Order Reason to Cost Center Assignment - 'Cross-Company Postings'

Posted by SAP_OTC (Credit Management)
on Jul 13 at 4:52 PM
I have the following scenario :
1. I am making use of the Order Reason / Cost Center Assignment configuration in SD, Transaction OVF3. Based on the Order Reason entered in the Sales Document, SAP proposes a Cost Center at the Header and it flows across the Document Flow. It's proposed in the Accounting Document created for the Delivery during Post Goods Issue and it's proposed in the Accounting Document created for the Invoice.

2. The problem is that, apparently as a result of using this configuration, when I create an Intercompany Billing Scenario specifically when creating the Delivery Document and Posting Goods Issue, SAP creates two Accounting Documents, using the concept of "Cross-Company Postings". It creates an Accounting Document in Company A (Shipping Company) and one Accounting Document in Company B (Selling Company). It only does it for Post Goods Issue, Accounting Documents during Billing are OK.

3.The Postings that are created are as follows :
In Company A – This is the Company that owns the Plant that ultimately shipped the goods.
Credit "Inventory"
Debit "Customer that represents the Selling Company"
In Company B – This is the Company that offered / selled the goods to the Customer.
Debit "COGS"
Credit "Customer that represents the Shipping Company"

4. If I'm not wrong, these postings to those "Customers" come from Transaction OBYA – "FI Configuration: Automatic Posting – Clearing Accounts".

5. Is there any way I can deactivate this "Cross-Company Postings"?

6. The problem is that once I have my Delivery I will create the two Invoices of an I/C Scenario, the "F2" to the Customer and then the "IV" from the the company that shipped to the company that sold.

The two big issues that we have are :

1. We are double charging the "Customer that represents the Selling Company", once in the posting that I mention in Step #3 and then again when we create the IV Billing Type.

2. The Company that owns the Plant, Company A, doesn't have any Cost of Sales to go with their internal Sales, since the Cost of Sales was posted under Company B.

3. Is there any way to deactivate this "Cross-Company Postings" and still use the Order Reason / Cost Center Assignment?

4. At the end I would want to have as Accounting Document under the Company that owns the Plant :
Credit "Inventory"
Debit "COGS"

5. When I create the IV Document, I'm triggering IDoc INVOIC01 that does the posting on the Selling Company and problem solved.

Please let me know if there's anything I'm missing or if I'm misinterpreting the way SAP is doing this.
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