Re: [sap-acct] Can we activate document splitting

Posted by Sharad_Vimadalal
on Aug 10 at 6:41 AM
Do not activate document splitting in an unadvised manner. This will have
serious implications on your existing transactions and clearing. SAP has
provided a migration scenario for subsequent activation of document
splitting. It is a project and you cannot and should not do it as if it is a
simple configuration change exercise.

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From: Rajiv Kapur
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 5:51 AM
Subject: Can we activate document splitting

Dear Sandeep,

For Activating Document Splitting you need to go through this path:-
Go to- - Fin Acctg New
-G/L New
-Buss Trans
-Document Splitting
-Activate Doc Splitting

Rajiv Kapur.
FI Consultant

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