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Posted by Adriaan
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The most obvious solution to your problem would be to create a new non-valuated material master to manage to scrap stock under. When a customer returns the stock, QM can be set up to automatically do a 309 material to material movement to transfer the returned stock to the scrap material.
This will also give you proper visibility of your good stock vs. the scrap stock in your company.

Hope this helps.

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From: mustafa sakerwala
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Subject: Convert stock from valuated to non-valuated

Dear Gurus

I am looking into an issue for FI and need your valuable inputs.

Business Case:

We have two plants (Plant A & Plant B). Customer would return expired stock to Plant A and these would be kept in Blocked Status as per QM guidelines. These stock are to be destroyed and transferred to Destruction Plant (Plant B) for doing the needful. However since we cannot use plant to plant transfer for block stock, we are left with using 506 & 505 movement type as the only solution for it. However finance would like to have no accounting impact for goods in transit since it has no real value. Hence it wants to writeoff the value (keeping quantitative details for MM intact) at Plant A itself and then trigger the stock movement. Since now the value is zero, it would not trigger accounting document.

We are working in following restrictions:
QA Guidelines suggests that we cannot move stock from Blocked to unrestricted just for this purpose
FI suggests that there shouldn't be by pass from normal standard sap transaction as 505 & 506 is not meant for this purpose

We need to find a way where we can convert selected stocks of a material code from valuated to non-valuated for this purpose.

Would be glad to provide any further clarification, should you so desire.

Appreciate your early response.

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