RE:[sap-acct] TDS not getting adjusted during clearing down payment

Posted by RTUCCELL (SAP Expert FI/CO/MM - Helpdesk / Trainer)
on Aug 9 at 3:32 PM
I didn't well understood ... so please clarify.
What I can say from my experience is that when you have withholding tax customized at payment
- at the payment it is calculated and deducted by the system
- at the invoice posting the system doesn't deduct anything but it store base and WT amount
- at the clearing (we use F-51) the system should clear vendor.
If it is not clear please let me know, giving more detailed example.

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From: Anand Rathi
Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 2:46 AM
Subject: TDS not getting adjusted during clearing down payment

Hi All,

I am doing the Down Payment (f-48) and then Vendor Invoice (fb-60) posting (both with Withholding Tax) followed by Down Payment Clearing (f-54) but there is no reversal of TDS which got deducted during Advance Payment at the time of Clearing.

Please let me know if i have missed any set up.I have used the following setup for Withholding Tax Type for Payment:
i. Base Amount > Net Amount
ii. Post w/tax amount
iii. Accumulate Type > Per Year, Starting with Mnth 4 (also tried with No Accumulation) iv. Control Data > W/tax base manual; Manual w/tax amount, w/tax for payments, No Cert numbering
v. Define minimum/maximum amounts: W/tax code level
vi. Central Invoice > Central inv prop. (also tried with No centr. Invoice)
vii. Minimum Check at Item level

Please let me know if I have missed something.

Thanks - Anand

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